The Book

A humorous, no-holds barred examination of the content of student publications, the third edition of best-selling text “The Radical Write” suggests alternatives to the content clichés that dominate high school journalism. Reporting and writing for all student media is covered.

Let’s face it: most textbooks are a snoozefest. But “The Radical Write” not only features great student writing, but fun, insightful and inspiring narration from Bobby. One of the toughest things for a teacher to get across to high school students is to develop and trust in their own “voices” as writers. It’s just a little bit easier when you can provide those students with a book written with Bobby’s strong, intriguing voice. I don’t want some wimpy, namby-pamby “just do your best, honey” kind of text for my students. I want them challenged to do their very best, to see that high school students can write with skill and passion, without any “Well, that’s pretty good for a kid” nonsense. This text never apologizes. To not have copies of “The Radical Write” in your classroom is just willful ignorance, and you seem like a smart teacher. Buy the damn book.
— Jack Kennedy, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO