The Radical Write 4th Edition


The fourth edition of the Radical Write is a major revision featuring a dynamic design as well as a dozen or more new sample stories, several of which were written by the author, who then explains, step-by-step, how each was reported, written, edited and re-written.


Features Overview

For almost three decades, The Radical Write has been the textbook of choice for advisers, student reporters and editors. It's message is simple: To survive, publications must provide essential information, and to do that, they must tell readers something new and interesting. This message is as important for newspapers as it is for yearbooks, online, broadcast and literary non-fiction magazines.


Dynamic Design & Writing

The book is written to be read and enjoyed. It's packed with interesting examples and entertaining anecdotes. This is not your typical "blah blah blah" date/name/place-driven textbook.


Accessible Entry Points

Text is broken into digestible pieces, and almost every page has multiple entry points. Some teachers have their students begin each chapter by reading the sidebars first.

Photos and copy by Mitchell Franz

End of Chapter Summary

The Radical Write also features the photos of award-winning photographer Mitchell Franz. Each photo is accompanied by his insightful comments about the visual/verbal connection.