Since its initial publication almost three decades ago, The Radical Write has been the go-to textbook for scholastic journalists.
This website offers, among other things, a
chapter-by-chapter workbook, rubrics, handouts and sample story prompts, as well as a
blog by author Bobby Hawthorne.



Bobby's Blog

Every now and then, Bobby stumbles across something that catches his eye. If there's a lesson to be learned from it, he's happy to share.

Bonus Materials


You like handouts? We have lots of them. Rubrics. Lists. Sample stories. Interviewing tips. Download as many as you want. They're free.

About the Author


Hawthorne practices what he preaches. He also writes features, profiles and opinion columns for a leading Texas education magazine.



“The Radical Write is high concept, low stress. Your students will laugh and cry while they learn. Hawthorne proves textbooks don't have to be brain-scaldingly boring.”

Dr. Scott Winter, Bethel University, Minneapolis, MN